1. Loved reading this Nicole. Like you I am doing the RAB and also did the Etape in 2015. A brutal course especially the Glandon! You have a great story and are an inspiration. Look forward to meeting in Lands End maybe?

    1. Thank you Stephan, it would be great to meet you and ride some RAB miles with you and we can relive that hot and crazy day last summer in the mountains to pass the time. Good luck with your training, see you in Cornwall 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole
    I have just recently started cycling and wondered if you have a regular group ride?
    I live in Maulden and hoping to cycle London to Paris this year!!!

    1. Hi Carla, great to hear from you. We do have a regular group ride, the first Saturday of every month but we also ride together on an ad-hoc basis at other times through the week. We have a Facebook group, if you’d like to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/396280563890437/ that’s a great challenge, one of the group did L2P last year, she loved it, I’m sure she can share some stories. Look forward to meeting you soon Nicole

  3. Hi Nicole
    That’s great, I will try and make the next one. I have sent a FB request to join the group. Would love to get in touch with her as really need to sign up soon so that can commit but have no idea whether to do alone (or with someone!) or with a company and pay the extortionate prices!!
    Look forward to meeting you all also.

  4. Hi Nicole, loved reading, and listening at Rapha Spitalfields. On same wavelength. How to join the ride you are leading 20th May?

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