That little piece of gaffa tape

Photo reminders have been popping up on my Facebook this morning, it’s a year since I rolled up to the start line of London-Edinburgh-London (LEL) but to be honest that adventure is regularly in my thoughts.

I did an FTP test this weekend, I’ve gained 8W and a position in the 200W club. With these results I think it’s safe to say I’ve fully recovered from LEL.

After LEL a lot of people asked me why I kept going when my body was in so much pain. I’d suffered a knee injury and then my neck muscles collapsed just before Louth, I suffered the cyclists syndrome, Shermer’s neck (I had to google it too). I struggled to answer this question when originally asked, it was a simple question but there wasn’t really an easy answer straight away.

I kept going because I’d started a journey, it began before the start line and I wanted to finish that journey. At the time I felt OK to stay on my bike, I was pushing my body to it’s limits, I was in a lot of pain but it was all manageable. The stops I made every 10km allowed me to massage and rest my neck, eat some food and speak to my family and friends which always gave me the boost to press on for another 10km.

Since I stepped off my bike that little piece of gaffa tape (that stuck my pony tail to my jersey) has continued to keep my head held up. I remember all of my LEL experience with great pride, the bad stuff doesn’t stay bad. It was a test of the highest level that could’ve broken me but it’s made me a little bit more resilient.

The ride further adventures are on hold for a while as I’ll be enjoying something a bit different on my new bike. More adventures coming soon……

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