Thank you for finding this place where I share personal stories about cycling. I’m not an expert, a coach or a nutritionist, I just bought a bike and rode it more and more and I keep learning each time I do.

Riding bikes changed my life and I’ve completed challenges I didn’t know I could achieve including Britain’s greatest cycling event, London-Edinburgh-London 1400km Audax.

Thanks to my bike I regained good fitness after pregnancy and I took part in the inaugural London 2012 Olympic legacy event Ride London.

I live and cycle in the UK, but I’ve also put my bike in a box a few times and travelled to experience the magic of conquering the European Cols.

When I joined my first cycling club, I was the only female cyclist in the club, so I went on a mission to create a club for women where riders are encouraged to support each other and thrive together.

I welcome your comments and contributions about your own experiences and look forward to hearing from you soon.

“The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it” – Doug Bradbury


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  1. Nicole, best of luck for Sunday, hope you have a great day and smash your targets. Love the blog, a credit not just to the female cycling world buy cycling in general. Martin (met you on Wakefield Rapha training ride).

  2. Martin thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog. It was lovely to meet you and ride with you in Wakefield, what a great day that was! Ride 100 became Ride 86, they cut the hills. It was a day of biblical weather but I battled on through and made it home in good time. I’ll write a review of the day and get it up here asap!

    1. Hi Nicole, it was a good day out albeit a little damp. I only found out about shortcut 20 miles in which meant a rapid re-working of target times. Also got to ride 5 miles with Marianna Vos. She is some cyclist, averaging 28mph and she’s just casually chatting to a team mate and admiring the scenery! Glad you had a good day out- keep it up!

  3. Totally inspiring! I am just over a year into my love affair with cycling and dreaming of riding L2m next year. Your adventures are both inspiring and insightful thank you for sharing. Most helpful!

    1. Hi Sue, I’m so pleased you’re in love with cycling too. Manchester to London is an amazing journey, wonderful people, helpful and encouraging staff, beautiful route, go for it and if anyone can help you get through it the RCC will. Join their rides, meet other likeminded women, get in a group, motivate and inspire each other, you will reap the rewards and make friends for life. Please stay in touch, I would love to hear how you’re doing, keep turning the pedals. Chapeau 😊

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